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Dog owners warn about hard spots: "Can't degrease dog"


Dog owners in Selånger, Töva and Huljen outside Sundsvall now sound an alarm about splashes from the roads in the area that get stuck on the dogs' paws and in the fur. - They become quite messy and it is something that basically does not go away, you pull it into the house, says Ove Näslund, who lives in Påläng.

Several dog owners SVT have been in contact with reports of repeated problems with black spots on their dogs. It is described as clumsy and virtually impossible to remove.

The stains are left on the dog Cazais paws. Photo: Anna Beijron / SVT

"When it comes to the floor we can take degreasing but it is not possible to degrease the dog," says Ove Näslund, who has the dog Cazai, a Rhodesian ridgeback with clear spots on the paws.

Fighting with detergent

Ann Forsberg, who lives in Selånger, has also noticed the problems on her hard-haired dachshund Shanti.

- It has been very difficult. We fight with detergent, soap and butter, she says.

Wicked from the road on the dog Shanti's stomach. Photo: Ann Forsberg

Unclear reason

But what is stuck on the dogs? It is impossible to say, according to the Swedish Transport Administration. But the dog owners suspect that the brine used in the slime control this winter has contributed to the problems and caused substances to be released from the asphalt. Normally, both roads are sanded.

At the Swedish Transport Administration, the responsible project manager does not believe that salt is the cause.

Brine against slipping

Can the brine have everything to do with it?

"It's hard to say, but we also use brine on other roads that have the same coating and have never heard of such problems at those places," says Kristofer Engstrand, who is the project manager at the Swedish Transport Administration.

Hear more about his explanations and the dog owners' reasoning in the clip above.

Source: svt

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