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Summary of new crown pneumonia epidemic situation and prevention and control information (as of 22:00 on the 26th)


Prevention and Control Measures

Xi Jinping hosted a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee

The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting on February 26 to hear a report from the Central Leading Group on Response to Pneumonia of New Coronavirus Infection, analyze the current epidemic situation, and study and deploy key work for prevention and control in the near future. CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech. In response to the call of the Party Central Committee to the majority of party members, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji, and Han Zheng donated money to support the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Central Going to Hubei Guiding Group to guide and supervise the strengthening of patient treatment in cities and prefectures outside Wuhan

The central steering group held a video conference on the afternoon of the 26th to guide and supervise the strengthening of patient care in cities and prefectures outside Wuhan. Sun Chunlan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and deputy prime minister of the State Council, listened to reports from eight cities and prefectures, including Xiaogan, Huanggang, and Jingzhou in Hubei, to learn more about the progress and difficulties in treating patients in each city and prefecture. Sun Chunlan said that there have been some positive changes in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Hubei Province, but the overall situation is still severe and complicated, and the receivables have achieved staged results, and rescue work has become an urgent task at present.

Central Organization Department: Party activists with outstanding deeds on the front line of the epidemic resistance can join the Party with "FireWire"

Recently, leading comrades of the central government have given important instructions to activists who have joined the party in the fight against epidemic disease in the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and they can join the party according to their performance. In order to implement the spirit of the important directives of the central leadership comrades, the Central Organization Department issued a notice requesting that medical personnel, public security police, community workers, grass-roots cadres and other people fighting in the anti-epidemic frontline always perform well and meet the requirements of party members. If the epidemic of the epidemic is outstanding, after the research and approval of the party branch, it is reported to the superior party committee for approval, and it can be absorbed in time as a reserve party member.

National Health Commission: Standardizing the tracking of discharged cases will strengthen the analysis of discharged cases

Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the National Health and Health Commission and deputy director of the Department of Publicity, introduced on the 26th that with the strengthening of medical treatment and optimization of treatment programs, the number of discharged patients with new coronary pneumonia cured throughout the country has continued to increase. In the next step, on the basis of standardized discharge case tracking management and follow-up services, we will strengthen the analysis of discharged cases, summarize relatively mature diagnosis and treatment plans and technical routes, and provide experience and technical support for follow-up treatment and related national epidemic control.

On February 19, workers sprayed disinfectant water on a road in a factory in Chongqing. China News Agency reporter Chen Chao

Five departments issued documents to guarantee resumption of work and production:

——Severely crack down on car bandits and road bullies

On the 26th, the five departments including the Central Political and Law Commission issued the "Opinions on Resuming Work and Resuming Production During the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period According to Law by Political and Legal Organs," document requirements, severely crack down on car bandits and road tyrants, intervene in logistics transportation, and disrupt the normal traffic order. Severe punishment according to law for damaging tracks, bridges, tunnels, highways, airports, waterways, lighthouses, signs, or other violations of traffic facilities.

-Combating illegal crimes such as driving up the price of protective equipment in accordance with the law

The Opinions on Political and Legal Authorities to Guarantee Resumption of Work and Reproduction during Epidemic Prevention and Control in accordance with the law requires that, in accordance with the law, violations of relevant state market management and price management regulations be hoarded and hoarding masks, goggles, protective clothing, disinfectant, etc. that are urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control The price of protective equipment, medicines or other items related to people's livelihood will seriously disrupt market order and other illegal crimes.

——Ensure that employees can come back, raw materials are available, and products are available

The Opinions on Political and Legal Authorities to Guarantee Resumption of Production and Reproduction during Epidemic Prevention and Control in accordance with the law requires that the road traffic protection work be done carefully to open up the flow of people and logistics. While ensuring priority access to vehicles for epidemic prevention and control, traffic should be resumed for enterprises to resume production The actual rise in traffic and freight logistics, and continuously scientifically optimizing traffic management and control, make every effort to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the road network, ensure that employees can get back, raw materials are available, and products are available, and the "last mile" of daily necessities problem.

Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council: High-risk areas should make epidemic prevention and control a top priority for village assistance

Recently, the State Council's Poverty Alleviation Office issued a notice calling for the overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and assistance to villages. High-risk areas should take epidemic prevention and control as the primary task of village assistance. The notice calls for actively responding to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, doing a good job in supporting the village, and working hard to implement the key tasks to ensure that the task of poverty alleviation is completed as scheduled.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism: It is not advisable to have a one-size-fits-all approach to the opening of scenic spots

In response to the recent crowds of tourists in scenic spots, Liu Kezhi, director of the Department of Market Management of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said on the 26th that he had noticed the relevant situation and paid great attention to it. He said that tourist attractions in some areas have been opened in an orderly manner. Tourist attractions have the characteristics of strong concentration of people and high mobility. The restoration and opening of tourist attractions should adhere to the principle of zoning and classification. It is not advisable to carry out a comprehensive assessment on the necessity and necessity. The opening of tourist attractions in high-risk areas is temporarily suspended. The opening of tourist attractions in low-risk areas and high-risk areas is determined by the local party committee and government.

Ministry of Justice: same-time and timely assistance to diagnosed criminals

Xiong Xuanguo, deputy minister of justice, said on the 26th that the epidemic had occurred in prisons and the lessons were profound. We must resolutely put an end to loopholes in prison management and resolutely curb the spread and spread of prison epidemics. At the same time, we must do our best to help the rescue. Criminals who have fever or respiratory symptoms should be observed in isolation for the first time, and the diagnosed criminals should be rescued in the same time as other members of the society.

Ministry of Commerce: Health Inquiry Service for Domestic Workers Launched Recently

Wu Guoyi, director of the Department of Service and Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, said on the 26th that the people's demand for domestic service is strong, especially with the orderly return to work, the elderly and children need to take care. With the support of the Health and Health Commission and other relevant departments, the Ministry of Commerce has developed and built a module for the health management of domestic helpers on the “Housekeeping Credit Check” APP, which is planned to be launched in the near future. Real-name certified domestic helpers can authorize enquiries to see if they belong to a confirmed patient, a suspected patient, or a close contact who is still in the observation period, and present the results to consumers on a voluntary basis. This helps consumers feel relieved and accelerates the return to work of the domestic service industry.

Ministry of Ecology and Environment: Over 98508 tons of medical waste were disposed of in the country

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment notified on the 26th the state of environmental supervision over the treatment and disposal of medical waste and medical wastewater. Data show that since January 20, a total of 9,8508.1 tons of medical waste have been disposed of throughout the country. On February 24, a total of 2719.1 tons of medical waste were collected nationwide, of which 587.6 tons of epidemic medical waste from designated medical institutions accounted for 21.6%.

Jiangxi's first batch of assistance to Wuhan medical team members to treat patients. Photo by Shi Rongping

State Administration of Taxation: No need to declare for temporary subsidies and bonus payment units for medical personnel

On the 26th, the State Administration of Taxation published a hot question and answer on the preferential tax policies for epidemic prevention and control, pointing out that considering that the medical staff and epidemic prevention workers currently participating in epidemic prevention and treatment are working in the frontline of epidemic prevention and treatment, their units are also undertaking heavy control tasks. When the temporary work allowances and bonuses obtained by the above personnel are exempt from personal income tax, the payment unit does not need to declare it, and only keeps the list of personnel and the amount for reference.

The central bank increases 500 billion yuan of special quota for re-loaning and rediscounting

On February 26, the central bank held a video conference call. On the basis of the 300 billion yuan of special re-loans for epidemic prevention and control that had been set up earlier, the re-discount redemption quota was increased by 500 billion yuan. At the same time, the interest rates for agricultural and small refinancing loans were reduced. 0.25 percentage points to 2.5%. Among them, the refinancing quotas for agriculture support and small support are 100 billion yuan and 300 billion yuan, respectively, and the rediscount amount is 100 billion yuan. Before the end of June 2020, the local corporate bank will issue new inclusive small and micro enterprise loans that are no higher than LPR plus 50 basis points, and allow equal application for reloan funds.

Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Closed Management of Implementation of Resumption Projects

The General Office of the Ministry of Housing and Construction recently issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak and Orderly Promoting the Resumption of Work in Enterprises". The "Notice" pointed out that the real-name management of construction workers was fully implemented. All resumption projects are closed in principle. Real-name systems for construction workers are implemented in strict accordance with relevant regulations. Real-time recording of entry and exit information for all personnel at the construction site is implemented. A temperature detection system is implemented. Unrelated personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the construction site.

Ministry of Civil Affairs: Helping to isolate lonely elderly people at home due to the epidemic

On the 26th, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a national video conference on epidemic prevention and control of "one old and one small" civil service. The meeting pointed out that civil affairs departments at all levels should include civil service "one old and one small" service agencies in the overall deployment of joint prevention and control of local epidemic investigation, material deployment, transfer isolation, and centralized treatment, and into the key management of epidemic prevention and control in their communities.

State Administration of Sports: Qualification qualifiers for some events of the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed

Peng Weiyong, deputy director of the Economic Department of the State General Administration of Sport, said on the 26th that the epidemic has greatly affected the sports industry. Qualification qualifiers for some items of the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed or held in different places. China ’s domestic professional leagues such as football, basketball, volleyball, etc. It has also been postponed, including the AFC Champions League, the world top 40 Asian region, etc. In addition, more than 50 domestic marathon races have also been affected.

State Administration of Radio, Film and Television: Promote the orderly restoration of TV drama creation and production in key areas of non-epidemic prevention and control

The TV Drama Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television recently held an online video conference to study and deploy work measures to help the TV drama industry cope with the orderly resumption of production and production. It was mentioned that actively researching and formulating a work plan, and under the premise of ensuring that epidemic prevention and control are in place, promote the orderly restoration of TV drama creation and production in key areas of epidemic prevention and control; use online video planning meetings to actively guide the creation of epidemic-prevention-themed TV dramas. .

China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Four vaccines need to be vaccinated in time during the outbreak

Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccine should be arranged in time; if the mother is positive for hepatitis B surface antigen, the second and third doses of hepatitis B vaccine for newborns, it is recommended to make an appointment with the vaccination unit Timely vaccination; rabies and tetanus must be vaccinated in a timely manner in accordance with vaccination procedures.

The picture shows a medical worker operating a handheld mobile work platform. Photo by An Yuan

Local News


——Wuhan supports online diagnosis and treatment to include medical insurance payment patients can enjoy one-stop service

Recently, the Wuhan Medical Insurance Bureau announced 18 measures to serve the prevention and control of epidemic situation and daily medical security, and support the "Internet +" medical service to be included in the medical insurance payment. Wuhan Medical Insurance Bureau opens medical insurance payment for Weiyi Internet General Hospital. Wuhan has 10 severe cases of hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, cirrhosis, malignant tumors, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, renal transplantation, vascular interventional surgery, and Parkinson's. Patients with chronic diseases can get medical insurance when they go out or even go out, and enjoy one-stop service of online diagnosis and treatment, prescription transfer to designated pharmacies, online payment of medical insurance settlement and home delivery of medicines.

——Shishou City and Jianli County of Jingzhou have suspended the procedures for leaving and returning personnel

Beginning at 24:00 on February 25, Shishou City, Jingzhou, Hubei has suspended the procedures for leaving and returning people. From 1 on February 26, Jingli Jianli County has suspended the procedures for leaving and returning to prison.

——Jingzhou issued an emergency notice: strictly control the departure of personnel and vehicles in Jingzhou

On the 26th, the Hubei Jingzhou Prevention and Control Command issued an emergency notice: From 13:00 on February 26, 2020, personnel and vehicles in Jingzhou were strictly controlled to leave Hubei. For all personnel and vehicles in Jingjing, the suspension of issuing permits for leaving Hubei, all issued before the trip will be void, and traffic control points will be responsible for persuasion if they have not left the Jingzhou area during the trip.


——Entrants from or to countries with severe epidemics need to be quarantined for 14 days

Beijing Municipal Health Committee spokesman Gao Xiaojun said on the 26th that the recent outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has spread abroad, and Beijing is comprehensively strengthening its entry health management and strictly preventing the risk of epidemic import. According to the Beijing epidemic prevention and control regulations, personnel who have come from or have been to neighbouring countries with severe epidemics should accept home or centralized quarantine for 14 days. For foreigners in Beijing, it is recommended to obey community health management and jointly prevent the risk of the epidemic.

——Require the supermarket to verify that the maximum passenger flow per capita area is not less than 2 square meters

On the 26th, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued an emergency notice of "preventing the gathering of supermarket personnel", requiring all supermarket stores to strictly follow the regulations of occupying an area of ​​no less than 2 square meters per person, verify the maximum passenger capacity and set up a special person for management. In areas that are easy to cause people to gather, such as weighing and cashiers, special personnel should be arranged to guide them; when there are more people, more weighing points should be set up to open all cashier channels.

——All 228 second- and third-level hospitals implement comprehensive non-emergency appointments

Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission spokesman Gao Xiaojun said on the 26th that the implementation of non-emergency comprehensive appointments for hospitals at or above Grade II not only considers the need for epidemic prevention and control, but also the country's work requirements to promote hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. Through the joint efforts of all parties, on February 25, 228 second- and third-level hospitals in Beijing implemented non-emergency comprehensive appointments, and the proportion of full appointments increased from 81% to 100%. In recent days, the operation of each hospital has been basically stable. The implementation of this measure will reduce the waiting time for patients in non-diagnostic treatment at the hospital and reduce the risk of cross infection.

The number of passengers on Sichuan Metro Line 1 has gradually increased. Photo by Zhang Lang

Shanghai: Subway version of "Health Code" is here. Scan code registration is required for travel by rail.

In order to further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work in Shanghai's rail transit industry, we will actively respond to resumption of work and increase in passenger flow to ensure the safety and health of passengers. The Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, together with Shentong Metro Group, Alipay and Gaode Maps, applied information technology and big data tools to develop a "epidemic registration QR code" system.

Jilin New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Response Level Adjusted from Level One to Level Two

The Jilin Provincial Government has decided that from 15:00 on February 26, the emergency response level for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Jilin Province will be adjusted from the provincial first-level response to the provincial second-level response.

Sichuan New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control First Level Response Adjusted to Second Level

The Sichuan Provincial Emergency Committee issued a notice on the evening of the 25th. From 00:00 on February 26, the emergency response level of the province's epidemic prevention and control was adjusted from the first-level public health emergency response to the second-level response.

Hainan New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Response Level Adjusted from Level 1 to Level 3

The Hainan Provincial New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Command decided to adjust the Hainan Provincial New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Response Emergency Response Level from the provincial public health emergency first-level response to third-level response from 17:00 on February 26, 2020.

Yantai, Shandong: Nucleic acid test for immigrants

In response to the increase in the number of immigrants from neighboring countries, on the 25th, the Yantai Epidemic Disposal Command strengthened the epidemic prevention and control of immigrants in accordance with the law, unifiedly dispatched health, customs, border inspection, and public security departments to establish a joint prevention and control mechanism at Yantai Airport. To provide special seats for flights from key areas to tobacco, set up special channels for immigrants, strictly check information and health checks on immigrants one by one, and organize special vehicles to be transported to their destinations to implement prevention and control measures. Nucleic acid detection.

In the next step, free nucleic acid testing services will be implemented for all immigrants. Those with abnormal detection shall be sent to designated hospitals for examination and treatment in a timely manner; those with normal detection shall be strictly observed at home and follow-up services by the community. At the same time, special working classes have been set up at Qingdao and Weihai Airports on the 25th to carry out epidemic detection and “point-to-point” transfers in accordance with a unified process.

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