The water levels around Hillerstorp are high and many areas that are usually on dry land are now under water.

- In Gnosjö municipality, water level is strained, mainly along the Storån river through Hillerstorp, says Jan Sandberg.

Water levels start to fall

A dozen summer cottages and villas around Lake Flaten have water on the house knot. The location is also problematic in an area south of Hillerstorp where a number of smaller farms along the canal stand in water. But the forecasts are quite hopeful right now.

- There are slightly declining levels for the coming days, and there is not much rainfall in the short term, says Jan Sandberg.

Jan Sanberg, Technology and Leisure Manager in Gnosjö Municipality. Photo: SVT

What can you do from the municipality to help the property owners who are affected by the flood?

- We have limited resources on the part of the municipality. After all, a lot lies on the property owner and we can't tread with our knees, even if we want to get rid of water. What we can do is assist with shower facilities, toilets and fresh water where it is lacking, says Jan Sandberg.

The cold can cause problems

In the next few days it will be around 5-6 minus degrees at night. This can cause worries in different ways.

- The pumping itself when we pump out water is not affected. It is whether it stops or that we need to change hoses and other things that it becomes difficult when it freezes, says Jan Sandberg.

He is also worried that the waterways will freeze and people will go out where it is not safe. He therefore urges the residents of Gnosjö to be careful and not to venture out on ice that is not safe.