The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Americans to be prepared for the spread of Corona19's community, Bloomberg News reported.

Nancy Mesonnier, director of the CDC's National Immuno-Respiratory Diseases Center, told reporters today, "We will see community spread in this country." "

Mesonie said the corona 19 outbreak is "evolving and expanding very rapidly," and it is time for businesses, schools and hospitals to begin preparations.

He said Americans should be prepared for the rapid spread of Corona19 in US territory and assume it is very bad.

Bloomberg News said the CDC should be prepared for disruptions in everyday life, such as school closures, cancellations of sporting events, concerts and business meetings if the Corona 19 spreads in the United States.

But Larry Kerard, chairman of the White House's National Economic Committee, said the CDC's warning was a "emergency plan."

In an interview with CNBC, Kerrlow said, “We won't say it's enclosed, but it's very close to containment,” he said.

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