China News Network, February 26th. According to the Russian satellite network, recently, Justin Hinton, the host of the American digital channel WLOS ABC 13, was doing a serious program of "the real first snow of the season". But because he accidentally opened the filter during the live broadcast, many cute emoticons appeared in the picture, and the report received a very interesting and funny effect.

Image source: social media screenshot.

According to reports, in a one-minute video, Hinton talked about snowfall and visibility on the road to Asheville, USA, and he did not notice the "painted beard" that suddenly appeared and disappeared on his face, head and in front of him "Ridiculous eyes", "magic helmet", "puppy ears", dumbbells and other items.

Afterwards, Justin laughed at the incident himself. He said that after the video appeared on the screen, TV viewers sent him many text messages, and they thanked him for bringing him a good mood.