According to the decree, women should also be given the right to register childbirth, marriage or divorce and become custodians of minor children.

"If this is fully implemented, it's a big step toward allowing adult Saudi women to take control of their own lives," Kristin Diwan, of the Arab Gulf State Institute, told AFP, adding that women gain greater freedom of movement and independence.

The decree also entailed reforms in the labor market that would mean greater opportunities for women. Among other things, all residents of Saudi Arabia are entitled to work without being subjected to discrimination as a result of gender, disability or age.

The Crown Prince driving

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been a driving force when it comes to reforming the conservative country. In 2016, he presented a plan to strengthen the country's economy by increasing the number of women in work, from 22 percent to 30. Last year, it became legal for women to drive a car in the country. However, critics believe that the changes are mainly cosmetic.