• Senado.Pedro Sánchez unloads in Ábalos all the responsibility in the 'Delcygate' and the PP accuses him of "lying"
  • Venezuela.The PP demands in the Congress the diplomatic documents of the visit of Delcy Rodríguez

The PP has continued today in the session of control to the Government its offensive against the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, for the meeting he held in Barajas at dawn on January 20 with the Vice President of the Government of Venezuela , Delcy Rodríguez, and He asked if he ordered a preferred zone to be enabled at the airport.

Ábalos has answered him no but the reply between the popular deputy, Andrés Lorite , and the minister has ended with shouts of resignation from the PP bench and applause from the Socialist and United Group of Podemos. Lorite has assured that Ábalos "has only one worthy option, the resignation" because it is going through a "credibility crisis with no return" as a result of the "lies" that, in his opinion, he has said on this matter.

The minister, upset that this issue is still open, has reproached him that after three weeks the PP will continue with the same. "It is not possible to be said that the lie is persecuted and to construct 300 falsehoods like the one of the VIP room, the duty free , the 40 suitcases, the telephone call, the gold". You, Ábalos added, "talk about lies when you are the party of lies, which made us believe in Spain and the world that the biggest attack in this country was done by ETA to save itself." "You are worried about Venezuela," he insisted.

His words have provoked the reaction of the PP, which has shouted for his resignation and the support of the PSOE and United We can with loud applause. The president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, has had to be used thoroughly to placate the situation.

After obtaining it, Ábalos has launched an accusation on the destiny of the money to help the Spaniards in Venezuela "that took to the black market to be able to finance the electoral campaign in Galicia ". "The truth is not interested."

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