Conspiracy theories were born around the age of Quaden Bayles, in the center, victim of harassment. - / AP / SIPA

  • The video of a young Australian, in great distress after being harassed at school, moved the whole world.
  • Internet users have wondered about the age of the boy, who suffers from a form of dwarfism.
  • Several publications prove that the boy is nine years old.

The video shared by his mother moved the whole world. In tears, Quaden launched: "I want to die". The video of the Australian, victim of harassment and suffering from a form of dwarfism, has been viewed millions of times since its publication on February 18.

An exhibition which has led internet users to wonder about the boy's age and the authenticity of a kitty launched to support Quaden Bayles.


The first questions about the boy's age were born after the dissemination of images showing him posing next to a light panel in the shape of the number "eighteen". The boy is surrounded by four other children. This photo was taken on the eighteenth birthday of a cousin of Quaden, said the boy's aunt to the Australian edition of the site BuzzFeed. On a third photo, posted on the boy's Instagram account (since private), we can clearly read his cousin's name and his age.

In Australia, Quaden's journey has already received several media reports. Four years old, he appeared on an Australian television show with his mother. The following year, photos of him and his dog were released to several media. The little boy was already being harassed.

In 2015, an Australian television team made a documentary about him. The documentary is still available on YouTube. At the nineteenth minute, the boy's date of birth, 12/13/2010, is visible on a scan. Elements confirmed by the Facebook profile of Yarraka Bayles, the boy's mother (most of the elements have been passed on privately since). The young woman documents the boy's childhood in photos.

The little boy was also accused of having benefited financially from the media exposure. In question, two photos and a video in which he is seen exhibiting banknotes, as well as an online kitty which has, to date, raised more than $ 400,000. The kitty was launched by Australian actor Brad Williams two days after the video showing Quaden's great distress was released. It aims to finance a trip to Disneyland for the young boy.

As for the images where Quaden shows tickets, they come from his Instagram account. The money comes from a charity, in which Quaden participated, for the aboriginal victims of the fires that recently ravaged Australia, explains his aunt to BuzzFeed. The boy's mother appears in one of the photos of the event posted by the organizer.

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