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Over 467,000 people in Beijing apply for new energy indicators. New applicants have to wait another 9 years.


Over 467,000 people apply for new energy indicators. New applicants have to wait another 9 years.

The Beijing News (Reporter Pei Jianfei) this morning (February 25), Beijing's passenger car indicator office cloth this year's first ordinary passenger car indicator configuration data. The new energy index has more than 467,000 applications, and new applicants may be scheduled for another 9 years, and the index will not be obtained until 2029.

According to the “Announcement on Total Passenger Car Indicators and Allocation Ratio in 2020” issued by the Beijing Passenger Car Indicators Office, there are 100,000 passenger car indicators this year, of which 40,000 are ordinary indicators and 60,000 are new energy indicators. There are 38200 individual quotas for ordinary passenger car indicators and 54200 individual quotas for new energy passenger bus indicators.

After review, as of 24:00 on February 8, 2020, there were 3,350,538 valid codes and 27,877 units for ordinary passenger car index applications; there were 467,360 valid codes and 5,633 units for new energy car index applicants. The results of the review were announced at 9:00 on February 25, 2020. Applicants can log on to the Beijing Congestion Relief website ( or visit the external office windows of various districts to check the results of the review.

With regard to the allocation of ordinary passenger cars, after the review and confirmation by the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, on December 26, 2018, 51 unused personal ordinary passenger car allocation indicators were expired, which were included in the current personal ordinary passenger car indicator allocation in accordance with regulations. In the future, there will be 6,417 individual ordinary passenger car indicators; 266 ordinary passenger car indicators.

In terms of the allocation of new energy passenger car indicators, the number of personal new energy passenger car indicators in 2020 is 54,200, and the unit of new energy passenger car indicators is 3,000. There are a total of 467,360 valid codes for individuals applying for new energy passenger car indicators in this issue. In this issue, the total number of personal new energy passenger car index applications is greater than the total number of target allocations. According to the "Notice on Demonstration Application of New Energy Passenger Car Allocation Index Waiting and Allocation Rules", 54200 personal new energy passenger car indexes will be deployed, and the rest will be approved. Waiting for valid application code in accordance with regulations.

According to the "Notice on the Relevant Rules for Demonstration Application of New Energy Passenger Car Allocation Indicators and Waiting Allocation Rules", after this period of allocation, the annual quota for individual and unit new energy passenger car indicators has been exhausted, and the valid application code approved will continue in accordance with regulations. Waiting configuration. According to the current allocation rules, new applicants for new energy indicators in this period may wait 9 years to obtain the indicators.

According to the "Beijing Higher People's Court, Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport's Work Opinion on Restricting the Enforcement of Infrared Persons from Participating in the Allocation of Passenger Car Indicators in the City" (Jinggao Fafa [2018] No. 74) In this issue, a total of 5,543 dishonest performers were restricted from participating in the allocation of passenger car indicators. If the applicant has any objection to being included in the list of dishonest persons to be executed, he can inquire the specific reasons for the determination through the Beijing Court Trial Information Network (, or he can submit the case to the executive court according to law.

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