“The concern is the lack of certainty regarding the fate of the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty,” the minister said.

As Lavrov noted, last year from the same rostrum he already explained why Russia considers it important to maintain this agreement.

“The extension of the treaty would be a reasonable step that would prevent further degradation of the situation in the field of strategic stability, and avoid the complete collapse of control and limiting mechanisms in the nuclear missile sphere,” he added.

According to him, this would allow “to gain time for discussing approaches to methods of control over new weapons and military technologies”

“Given all these circumstances, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed that the United States extend the strategic offensive arms treaty without any preconditions. We are waiting for an answer, ”he stressed.

Earlier in the USA, they announced their intention to soon discuss with the Russian representatives behind closed doors the conditions for the extension of START III.

At the end of December, Lavrov noted that Russia presented the USA with the live Vanguard system and was ready to show Sarmat.

According to him, the Russian side will be ready to incorporate these weapons into START III after its extension.