The municipality of Zepedo San Giacomo, in the northern city of Milan, has posted a Facebook notice warning against fake health workers, according to the Italian newspaper Al Corriere della Sera.

The newspaper pointed out that the security authorities in the city warned that some fraudsters pretend to be paramedics conducting a free test for the Corona virus, with the aim of reaching private homes and stealing people.

Phone calls have been reported from alleged doctors and nurses, who say they want to come home and check out the new Corona virus "Covid 19".

The local police called on the citizens to reject this invitation and not to allow them to enter their homes.

The police said that health workers make home visits and checks only if they are requested in advance by the citizens themselves.

Some fraud attempts have also been reported by "fake volunteers" claiming to be from the Red Cross, who have contacted elderly homes for an examination.

The newspaper reported that a sixth person died in Italy from infection with the Corona virus, and the number of cases of the disease has exceeded two hundred in the north of the country since Friday.

Football matches in the Italian first division were postponed, and the famous Venice Festival was suspended, while fashion shows were canceled at Milan Fashion Week.

More than 50,000 people in about a dozen towns in northern Italy were ordered to abide by their homes, while police set up checkpoints to implement the ban.