Several countries decided to postpone or cancel political, cultural and sports demonstrations, in light of fears of a wider outbreak of the Corona virus, which daily inflicts more victims in China and other countries, and spreads more in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The postponement or cancellation of various public activities comes in the context of preventive measures that include closing borders, stopping flights, and quarantining hundreds of people suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus, in an effort to contain the disease.

The following are the most prominent demonstrations that were postponed or canceled:

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In an unprecedented step, it was announced Monday that the annual session of the Chinese People's Assembly (parliament), which was supposed to take place from next March 5, was postponed for ten days.

In this session, the Chinese parliament will discuss various internal issues, including the military economy and budget, as well as external issues.

The postponement of the parliament meetings comes at a time when around 2,700 deaths from the Corona virus have occurred in China, in addition to nearly 78,000 people infected with the disease.

South Korea
Two sessions of Parliament were canceled, and its seat closed, due to concerns over the spread of Corona, and workers sterilize the building inside and out after making sure that someone who participated in discussions in the Legislative Council was infected with the virus.

This development comes as South Korean President Moon Joon described the situation in his country as very dangerous, in comments he made on Tuesday during his visit to Daegu, the center of the spread of the Coruna virus in the country.

In light of fears of an outbreak of the virus in South Korea, with the number of dead people rising to eight and about nine hundred injured, including South Korean soldiers, Washington announced that it might reduce the upcoming military exercise next spring between the US and South Korean armies, knowing that there are 37 thousand American soldiers in South Korea.

In the context, the International Table Tennis Federation announced the postponement of the World Championship of the game, which was scheduled to be held in the South Korean city of Busan next month until June, while the South Korean Basketball Federation announced the holding of matches without the public's attendance to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

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In Iran, which has witnessed in the past days an accelerated outbreak of the disease in several cities, resulting in the death of 15 people and the injury of 95 others; the Secretary of the Tehran International Book Fair announced the postponement of the 33rd session of the exhibition, which was scheduled to take place mid-April next, until after Ramadan Next, late May.

The Kuwaiti Cabinet announced on Monday the cessation of celebrations of national holidays (the National Day Tuesday and the anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion on Wednesday) until further notice, after recording several cases of Corona virus for people who came from Iran.

Concurrently, the head of the Kuwait Football Association Board of Directors Ahmed Al-Youssef announced the suspension of sports activity for two weeks.

The Japan Football Association has announced that all football matches in the country will be postponed until March 15.

The decision comes in anticipation of the spread of the Coruna virus, which has so far caused the death of four passengers of the cruise ship "Diamond Princess", which is quarantined in the port of Yokohama, and which infected about seven hundred of its passengers.

Two women wear masks in the city of Milan, Italy, which is experiencing an outbreak of the Corona virus (Anatolia)

The Italian authorities took measures to prevent the Corona outbreak on a larger scale, including canceling the final days of the celebration of the tourist city of Venice, which simultaneously witnessed the suspension of filming the new movie from the "Mission Impossible" series, starring American actor Tom Cruise.

On the sporting level, it was decided to postpone several matches in the first division of soccer in the regions where the virus has spread, while other games will be held without the presence of the public.

These measures come at a time when the death toll of the Corona virus in Italy has risen to ten deaths, in addition to more than 280 cases of the disease, which was initially recorded in the region of Lombardy (north of the country), before moving to other regions, and up to Sicily in the south .