While Italy is facing a spectacular outbreak of coronavirus cases, while some are calling for a return of border controls, at the Mont Blanc tunnel, not the slightest bit of information on the symptoms of Covid-19 or on its mode of transmission is only issued to travelers.


In Italy, the coronavirus balance sheet has now reached 7 dead. Nearly 230 people are officially contaminated with Covid-19 in the north of the country, and residents remain confined to 11 communes. In France, where officially there are no more patients, it is maximum vigilance to avoid any contamination with this border country. Several elected officials from the Alpes Maritimes are calling for increased border controls. But on the ground, when we make the journey between northern Italy and France, passing through the Mont-Blanc Tunnel, we cannot say that we are bombarded with information.

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Safety distances, speed limits, etc. The message broadcast in all the cars that use the Mont-Blanc Tunnel says nothing about the coronavirus. Neither by going to Italy, nor even in the other direction, towards France. "No control, nothing at all," says Antoine, a tourist who returns from the Venice Carnival. "I thought I had it at the border, I thought I had it at the tunnel, but no. Nothing at all."

Government appeals to highway companies

No sign, no message, not the slightest bit of information on the symptoms of Covid-19 or on its mode of transmission is delivered to travelers. "All the museums in Turin were closed for the weekend, everything was closed, all the football matches were postponed, so I don't think they should be taken lightly either," said Dylan, who passed by the weekend in Turin. "But apparently not at the border ..." sighs the young man.

The government asked highway companies on Monday evening to communicate better about the virus. We are far from a hermetic border claimed by some. For the moment, what keeps potential patients from crossing to France is a toll.