445 Filipinos on a cruise ship Return home on a charter aircraft February 25 23:39

On the cruise ship "Diamond Princess", 445 Filipino crew members and passengers left on board were disembarked, and on the night of the 25th, they returned home with two charter aircraft dispatched by the Philippine government.

The Diamond Princess had 538 Filipinos on board, with seven passengers and 531 crew members.

Of these, 59 were confirmed infected by the 24th and transported to a Japanese hospital, but other Filipinos remained on board and the Philippine government was arranging charter aircraft.

On the 25th, two Philippine charter planes arrived at Haneda Airport, where no infection was confirmed and 445 people who wished to return home boarded.

Pictures and videos posted on Twitter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines show people wearing masks and sitting in their seats, as well as officials such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines wearing protective clothing and goggles.

And the charter aircraft left Japan one after another at 7:00 pm and just after half past 8 pm on the 25th before returning home.

The charter aircraft will arrive at the airport in Pampanga Province, north of the capital, Manila, on the night of the 25th, and returnees will be watching for a follow-up athlete village that was used last year when an international sporting event was held. And that they will be quarantined for two weeks.