The environmental groups believe that the municipality must be more offensive in terms of its environmental goals. The goals must become clearer and the climate imprints in Umeå must decrease.

The municipality's proposal means that 50 percent of carbon dioxide emissions will be at the expense of future generations, which Fridays for future opposes.

- We think that is completely wrong, of course, so we gathered five parties for a meeting last Monday (17/2), says Fridays for futures Carl Weidenstolpe.

"Important with broad political support"

According to Umeå municipal council Hans Lindberg (S), it is not about the municipality sharpening its climate goals but about clarifying them.

- It is important that we have as broad political support as possible for our climate initiatives. The next step is now that we sit down and work out concrete proposals for how to sharpen the climate targets locally here in Umeå, he says.