In China, more than 2,440 deaths have occurred in Corona 19, but the number of new patients remains stable. It was pointed out that he was disengaging too early, and Xi Jinping was again halting.

This is correspondent to Beijing Jung Sung-yeop.


The number of new corona19 confirmed outside of Hubei fell below 20, with no new confirmed cases in Beijing.

Determining the spread of the virus, the authorities have resumed production operations that have stopped, and foreign ministry briefings resume today.

There are also concerns that outbound tourists flock all over the country's tourist spots, so they can be alert.

Xi Jinping convened a meeting and ordered the reins to be tightened.

The situation is still a serious and decisive step, and he points out that Corona 19 is the fastest sanitary case since its founding and the largest area of ​​infection.

The damage to Hubei, especially Wuhan City Corona19, which has been more than a month since the blockade of the city, remains unchanged.

Authorities are striving to save the lives of health workers and heroic efforts of citizens, to scold civil servants, and to soothe the public.

But the perception that Wuhan has been sacrificed by the authorities' poor initial response is not easily lost.

Cumulative confirmation of Hubei Province, including Wuhan, exceeded 64,000.

Of the more than 2,340 Hubei deaths, Wuhan has reached 1,850.

China's cumulative confirmation is nearly 77,000, and more than 2,440 are dead.