The Graceland restaurant boat, which has long been moored below the Islandsfall, is not welcome in Visby. Something that was the first to report on.

This has to do with the fact that the port simply does not offer long-term contracts. According to Lars Wahlberg, who is responsible for the ports of the Gotland Region, the municipality has leased the guest harbor with the instruction that it should be just a guest harbor.

- The port of Visby has 7,000 guest nights a year, and it goes without saying that you can't combine that business with a long-term stayer, says Lars Wahlberg.

- It's not just about adding and adding - and that applies to everyone. Then you have to fix with electricity, water and sewage. Permits to conduct restaurant operations are also needed. But all that comes second because the port does not offer long-term contracts.

In an email to SVT News Uppsala, Port Manager Mats Eriksson writes that Visby Port needs the places for guest operations.

Politicians give the cold hand

"Visby is one of the major guest ports and it is full during the peak season," he writes.

Even at the political level, the interest in opening up for Graceland does not seem to be so great. Eva Nypelius (C) is chairman of the regional board.

- We follow the regulations we have and then there is no place for Graceland in the harbor.

So there's no political will to open up for a restaurant boat?

- There is nothing that we have discussed at all.

Graceland's owners do not give up

When SVT News Uppsala last had contact with Graceland's current owners, the plan was for Graceland to have Visby as a home port. And it still applies.

- They are out cycling and before I am done with them Graceland will be in Visby harbor, says Mikael Eddaoui.

He believes that the matter is wrongly handled and that there is another boat that today has a long-term contract.

- This was only round 1, says Mikael Eddaoui.

According to him, Graceland is currently being renovated, in a secret location.