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Mauritius refuses entry to 17 newly married couples "I have a pregnant wife."


"As soon as I arrived in Mauritius, I was quarantined at the airport because I was a Korean. My wife was pregnant and I needed a quick response ...." All are quarantined for alleged suspicion.

"As soon as I arrived in Mauritius, I was quarantined at the airport for being a Korean. My wife is pregnant and I need urgent response ...."

As soon as 17 couples (34), who were on their honeymoon to the island of Mauritius, arrived in the airport, some of them were quarantined because they allegedly suspected of having a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Containment is poor and pregnant women are also calling for a decision in Mauritius.

Mrs. Kim and his wife, who went on a honeymoon to Mauritius after their wedding on the 22nd, were quarantined at a local airport before they even stepped into Mauritius.

Kim said, "There was no problem when you entered the country, but then you were quarantined wherever you checked your health."

Kim and his wife, 15 weeks pregnant, were sequestered in a hospital in southern Mauritius.

"I received a question and answer checkup from the doctors at 9 pm local time and checked for fever," he said.

Mauritius originally said it would quarantine Koreans in one place, but Kim explained that only four people, including the Kim couple, were quarantined.

Kim added, "Because it is a hospital, it has basic facilities necessary for life, such as air conditioning, but it is only possible to rent a Pocket Wi-Fi because it does not have internet."

"I feel uncomfortable but I can't do anything, so my pregnant wife is lying down," he said.

According to the Kims, the remaining 30 were secluded in a facility north of Mauritius.

The facility, which seems to be a youth training center, is worse than a hospital, has no air conditioning, no towels, and is said to be full of insects.

All Koreans who visited Mauritius are newlyweds, and it is known that they usually plan for 4-7 nights through free travel or travel agencies.

On the 22nd, they left Korea at 11:50 pm and arrived at 5 pm local time.

Mauritius is five hours faster than Korea.

Some of them reported fever symptoms and were reportedly isolated from the airport.

According to the Kim couple, no one currently has a fever.

They share the situation through the Kakao Talk group chat room and are waiting for the Mauritius decision.

Mr. Kim said, "We need to make a decision from Mauritius to return to Korea or travel around the country. We can take action, but it is frustrating because the decision is not made."

Foreign Ministry officials said that "the Mauritius authorities did not officially ban Koreans," he said.

Source: sbskr

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