• Interceptions, clash in the House Justice Committee on the postponement
  • Interceptions. Ok Senate to trust with 156 yes. Ruling now passes to Chamber exam
  • The government places trust on the wiretapping decree


February 24, 2020 A long discussion started in the Chamber's chamber on the Interceptions decree. There are 136 participants to speak. Hard obstructionism by the Northern League. In fact, more than 100 League deputies will take the floor. A maximum of 30 minutes of intervention are allowed for each member. The decree must be converted into law by February 29, under penalty of forfeiture.

Oppositions call for changes to the schedule of proceedings
The oppositions at the beginning of the session asked for a change in the calendar of the Chamber chamber, which has the order on the wiretapping on the agenda. Forza Italia, with Roberto Occhiuto, asked that the decree passed on Saturday by the government containing measures to stem the coronavirus be examined immediately, postponing the wiretapping decree to a later stage. The request was shared by FdI and Lega. Both Pd and Leu asked that both decrees be examined, perhaps after an acceleration in the timing of the dl coronavirus, and in any case after a conference by the group leaders.

In the intentions of the government and the majority there was the will to place trust already in the afternoon, and then proceed with the vote tomorrow.

Pd, Rosato: "There will be group leaders to define works"
"There will be a team leader to define a defined and quickest possible route." The vice-president Ettore Rosato said in the Chamber Chamber, responding to the requests of the opposition to give priority in the examination to the dl coronavirus over that on the interceptions. "The concern is shared by everyone. There is a decree in the Chamber, the one on wiretapping, conditioned by the debate in the country. There are about 200 amendments that can be managed as each group decides and then there is the dl which, based on that provides for the Constitution, must pass from the commission anyway ", he concluded.

Fi, surreal today examine dl eavesdropping
"While the country faces the problem of coronavirus, in a surreal way in the House we examine the wiretapping decree, which is not urgent and if anything is divisive. We immediately face the Coronavirus dl and then, if the government reiterates the text on wiretapping, we examine it". Roberto Occhiuto (Fi) said it in the Chamber. "The priority is not eavesdropping but the security of citizens", he concluded.

Pd, Verini: "No controversy but awareness"
"We are faced with a divisive measure, the one on wiretapping, on which a tough opposition and a firm will of the majority not to let it lapse. In times like these the Parliament does not show controversy and screams but if anything of awareness". The deputy Democratic Party Walter Verini said in the Chamber Chamber asking that "in the shortest possible time the examination of this decree be closed and then move on in a dialectical but very peaceful atmosphere to the topic of coronavirus".