The Director General of the Human Resources Department in Dubai, Abdullah bin Zayed Al Falasi, confirmed that “the adjustment of salaries, in accordance with the new financial allocations system for workers in the Dubai government, includes government employees subject to the Human Resources Management Law of Dubai Government No. (8) of 2018, with the exception of the employees appointed With temporary or special contracts or part-time, and the employees whose salaries exceeded the end of the tied job grades, according to the new grades and salaries scale, and the salary adjustments vary between 150 and 3000 dirhams as a maximum, and their implementation will start as of the salary of the month of March next, and retroactively since the beginning of the year ».

Al-Falasi pointed out that «the government aims, from behind the design of the system of financial allocations, to create competitiveness in the labor market, attract professional competencies and preserve them from leakage, in addition to devoting internal justice among employees, enhancing performance and productivity, and working to ensure governance and its effective and fair application , And budget control and transparency », pointing to the existence of the necessary flexibility, and taking into account the current and future requirements of local departments in different.

The Director General of the Human Resources Department in the Dubai government asserted that “the employees in the government departments, who number about 47 thousand employees, will be covered by the amendments, where it will be 10% of the total salary for those without a job grade attached, and from 2 to 5% for those in Middle or higher than the average for the job grade, with a minimum of 150 dirhams to 3000 dirhams as a maximum limit for amendment, and the decision of financial allocations ensures that the acquired rights of employees are not compromised, and he worked to dissolve the skills allowance and the nature of the work in the employee's salary, for the benefit of national employees in retirement , And non-citizens in the end of service gratuity. ”

The Central Housing Committee, which includes: the Director General of the Human Resources Department, the Director General of the Finance Department, and the Secretary General of the Supreme Committee for Legislation in the Dubai Government, decides on various housing issues, and is supported by a technical team formed from these three sides.

Al-Falasi expected that "there will be observations and reviews from the local departments after the completion of the housing process, so the department was keen to send the housing tables to all departments, and opened the way for receiving all observations and reviews until the end of the current week." To study and take appropriate decisions regarding it. ”

"Opening the way for the local departments to make their observations until the end of this week."