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Coronavirus, the alphabet of the epidemic


The ABC of infection of the new coronavirus sarscov2


February 23, 2020 Here are the most searched words about the new coronavirus:
- antivirals :
there are no specific drugs of this type against the new coronavirus and old drugs developed in the past against the HIV virus responsible for AIDS are being used
- synthetic biology :
it is the discipline that allowed to build in the laboratory copies of some parts of the coronavirus, important for developing tests and the vaccine
- coronavirus :
is the large family of viruses to which the coronavirus sarscov2 belongs, and the viruses responsible for the sars that appeared in 2002-2003 and the 2015 mers
- diagnosis :
it is essentially based on the test performed through the pharyngeal swab that collects the samples in which copies of the virus particles are searched
- emergency :
the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the global emergency on the new coronavirus on 30 January
- fever :
it is one of the first symptoms of the infection, along with cough and conjunctivitis
- genetics :
the genetic map of the virus was obtained and published by china at the beginning of the epidemic and published in the public databases Genbank and Gisaid
- Hubei :
is the province of China where the city of Wuhan is located, the epicenter of the epidemic
- infection :
occurs when the virus enters the cells, so that it can replicate
- laboratory :
it is here that we look for answers to tests, we develop new drugs and we look for vaccines
- disease :
the disease caused by the new coronavirus sarscov2 has been called covid-19
- ship :
the Diamond Princess, where many cases of coronavirus infection occurred, was considered a sort of microcosm in which to analyze the epidemic
- one health :
it is the approach that studies the close relationships between human, animal and environmental health
- pangolin :
it is the small mammal considered the most probable natural laboratory in which the virus has mutated
- quarantine :
it is a necessary countermeasure to contain the number of new cases thus limiting the epidemic
- recombination :
it is the process in which the genetic material of the virus undergoes a radical change
- jump of species :
occurs when a virus that lives in an animal under natural conditions becomes capable of attacking humans
- test :
it consists in identifying the particles of the virus present in the secretions of the nose and throat
- urgency :
it is the password for every epidemic, essential to guarantee the effectiveness of every possible countermeasure
- virus :
they are considered a sort of molecular machine and not living organisms. Their replication depends on a guest
- civet :
it is the animal in which the recombination of the virus responsible for sars has occurred.

Source: rainews

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