For some time now, the relationship that Jocelyne has had with a longtime friend has sometimes been soured because of chicanery. Jocelyne evokes, at the microphone of "La Libre antenne", on Europe 1, this old friendly relationship that she does not want to see deteriorate.


Jocelyne has had a friendly relationship with a man for over 30 years. Her friend is now 90 years old and her behavior has changed. He often asked Jocelyne for advice, but did not listen to him. This situation aggravates their relationship which sometimes becomes conflictual. Jocelyne tells the microphone of "La libre antenne", on Europe 1, this friendship, and asks Olivier Delacroix for advice, because she does not want her relationship with this longtime friend to deteriorate.

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"Our history is very beautiful. We have known each other for more than 30 years, we have worked together for 20 years. We have always got along very well. He is a man who has done great business and who has been very successful professionally. He was autodictate. He made a very good clientele. I was a commercial secretary, I supported him. We always get on well. He is a friend at heart, someone very generous. has traveled together. He is very cultured, and continues to cultivate himself.

" I would not want to spoil this beautiful understanding "

He drives very well, but I often say to him: 'Don't forget your age, if you ever hit any pedestrian, I don't know if we would give you your driving license'. He worked 60 to 80,000 kilometers per year when he worked. He likes to drive. He likes to be in control of everything. For some time, I realize that he asks me for advice in the car but does otherwise, as if he did not want me to dominate him. He asks me for advice, I tell him how to do it, but it's just if he listens to me.

It hasn't always been like that. He changes. He asks me how to do it but never guarantees my answer the first time. I almost have to get angry. I find it tiring to always have to repeat and justify myself. This brings us to a conflict field which I find very damaging. I would not want to spoil this beautiful agreement and all that we have done together. I think it's also due to age. Perhaps he is losing his means a little.

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Physically, we do not give him his age, he is not 90 years old. He is a very bubbly person. He is up at 6 a.m. and doing gymnastics. He is always impeccable, dresses very well. He is very fit, always ready to do something. I often tell him that he is going too fast and he replies that what is done is done. He always worked like that, he lives like that. He has always been the chef. Before, he didn't have to ask me for advice like he does now. He was a decision maker. Whereas now he has hesitations.

He does not lose his head, far from it, but I find that he is more hesitant when he wants to do something. This is why he asks my advice, but despite everything, I have to justify myself. I behave with him as if he were my father. I take everything to heart. I am very jumpy when he does not agree with me. Often, I take the leap, a little briskly, which fuels our conversations. I find this very unfortunate. I have to take it upon myself.

" I have always had a lot of admiration for him "

I want to stay on good terms with him. I love him very much and he loves me very much. He is generous with me. I would not want to lose this great friendship. We both look like a couple. He likes my company and I like his. We have very interesting exchanges. I'm going to take it on myself, I'm going to be less bouncy. I would not want the benevolence and the feelings I have for him to be damaged. I'm the one who will make the effort.

I have always had a lot of admiration for him. He's a character. At 88, he was still fully into business. I told him that he absolutely had to sell his wallet while he was alive, otherwise it would embarrass people. He listened to me and told me that things were done easily thanks to me and my advice. I count for him, I am aware of it. I want to protect us. "