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SVT's correspondent: "Some shouted openly racist and anti-immigrant slogans"


One and a half days have passed since the gunfire in Hanau where nine people lost their lives. Many have left flowers and lit candles outside the cafes where the shootings took place. But there are others who react completely the opposite. "Some people passed by here and shouted openly racist and anti-immigrant slogans," says SVT's European correspondent Christoffer Wendick.

Outside one of the hookah cafes where the perpetrator opened fire during Wednesday night, police are guarded. Some of the lights that lit on Thursday still burn in the morning twig.

It is a shocked Germany in which SVT's European correspondent finds himself.

"During these nine months, three very well-known assaults, carried out by right-wing men, have caused Germany to be shaken," says Christoffer Wendick in SVT's Morning Study.

A racist act

The suspected offender acted alone, according to police, and was found dead in his home where his mother also died with gunshot wounds.

In a 24-page letter and video, he expresses right-wing opinions and conspiracy theories.

- The image that this is an act of racist motive is reinforced by this manifesto that the perpetrator left behind. But it also shows a picture of a sick person suffering from schizophrenia, who hears voices and suffers from persecution mania and delusions, says Christoffer Wendick.

See more in the clip above.

Source: svt

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