The Russian activist indicted after the broadcast of videos of a sexual nature attributed to Benjamin Griveaux gave an interview to the CNN media on Friday. He defends his partner Alexandra de Taddeo there, claiming that he stole these videos. He also talks about his future ambitions, in what he calls "political art".


Russian activist Pyotr Pavlensky explains in an interview that he was indicted on Tuesday for "invading privacy" and "disseminating sexual material without the person's consent" given CCN how he got access to the video that led to Benjamin Griveaux's withdrawal from the mayoral race in Paris. He defends his partner Alexandra de Taddeo, claiming that he "stole this video on his computer". In this interview, he also talks about his motivations, his political ambitions and his relationship with Alexandra de Taddeo.

"She was not happy"

"She was not happy. As soon as she was broadcast, she could not do anything about it," says Piotr Pavlenski about Alexandra de Taddeo. "She supports my political positions but rejects the method by which I obtained the video," he continues.

"I did not act out of revenge or jealousy. They had a relationship before me, when I was still in prison. I did not know Alexandra until November 2018. Her relationship with Benjamin Griveaux dates from before. It would be ridiculous to compare myself to him. A woman can have multiple relationships, "said Piotr Pavlenski.

"Benjamin Griveaux would have been dangerous"

He also justified his action by the fact that the private life of Benjamin Griveaux "stopped from the moment he made his wife and child an integral part of his public image and his campaign". If he says he respects people's privacy, he estimated that Benjamin Griveaux could not "represent more than 5 million people on the basis of a lie. What could have happened if he had become mayor? I think it would have been dangerous, "said the Russian activist, considering that the former candidate En Marche for mayor of Paris" made this campaign in hypocrisy and lies. " "I would have done the same thing if it were Donald Trump," he added.

"Reveal the mechanics of power as an artist"

"What matters to me is to put forward puritanism and hypocrisy. Politicians are great hypocrites. Macron is hypocrite, he was elected because it was either the plague or the cholera. I have to reveal the mechanics of power as an artist. It’s political art. Art must open the eyes of society, "he said.

"This is just the beginning"

"I was very surprised by the repercussions of the video and by the resignation of Benjamin Griveaux. I was happy when I saw its impact on people," said the Russian.

"On the other hand, his video where he masturbates is not art, but it is only a video. For me, it is only the beginning. However, I do not want to reveal my plans to you My site was blocked the same day and I have been searched in all the places I have been. I am not afraid of losing my political refugee status because I am used to threats. now wish to recover my resources and the technical material to undertake what I want to do. Unlike WikiLeaks, my site does not reveal any criminal. It is above all a pornographic resource which mixes the representatives of power. political art ", concludes Piotr Pavlenski.