by di Fabrizio Patti 21 February 2020
It is a final of the week in which sales on the stock markets prevail.
In Milan the Ftse Mib index marks 0.90%. A little less than half a point drop London and Frankfurt, Paris -0.57%.
To affect the negative performance of the Ftse Mib probably the news of the hospitalization of a man infected with coronavirs at the Codogno hospital.
Yesterday on Wall Street down slightly less than half a point Dow Jones and S&P 500, slightly more than the Nasdaq (-0.67%).
In the night in Asia descent for the Tokyo (-0.39%) and Hong Kong (-1.18%) indices. Shanghai (+ 0.31%) and Shenzhen (+ 1.05%) rose, following the reduction in coronavirus cases.
The increase in infections in the Daegu province has instead caused the Seoul Stock Exchange to drop by one and a half.
And the climate of uncertainty is making gold fly, at its highest since 2013, + 0.92%, at $ 1,633 an ounce. The climb in the last week is 3.70%,
Among the securities in Piazza Affari opening -1.91% for Ubi Banca, which yesterday saw the reference shareholder committee define the purchase offer by Intesa Sanpaolo, which is also in decline (-1.47% ). Banco Bpm (-1.27%) and Unicredit (-2.17%) also fell. Yesterday afternoon the stock had fallen sharply after rumors (not commented as per bank practice) on a possible release of Unicredit number one, Jean Pierre Mustier. According to rumors, he would be among the candidates to lead the HSBC bank. In contrast to the banks, today also Bper Banca (+ 0.38%), penalized in the days following the announcement of Ops by Intesa on Ubi.
Mps + 0.89%: yesterday there was a 3.89% drop after CEO Marco Morelli said he would not be available for a renewal of the assignment.