One of the proposals put forward to solve the problems is that smaller municipalities should be able to voluntarily initiate collaborations or merge with larger municipalities.

- For Vingåker, a merger is not on the agenda at all. We think we are a good municipality that is close to the citizens. A larger municipality would mean that we end up farther away from the decision-makers and our citizens, and we do not see that it is to our advantage, says Anneli Bengtsson (S), chair of the municipal board in Vingåker.

Positive to collaboration

Nor does Oxelösund Municipality see a merger as an alternative.

- Not at this time. We would like to see greater collaboration with other municipalities where we can benefit from common solutions. We already have several different collaborations with different municipalities that work well, Catharina Fredriksson (S), the chairman of the municipal council in Oxelösund.

Extending collaborations between municipalities is positive for Vingåker as well.

- We are very positive about facilitating opportunities for collaboration between municipalities, where I see that we have completely different opportunities, says Anneli Bengtsson.

"Not recent"

Another suggestion is that students who choose to move to sparsely populated municipalities should receive help with their study debts.

- We obviously welcome all residents who can contribute to our tax revenues, but I believe that they choose to move to the municipality for reasons other than lowering their student debt. Then I do not know if SEK 30,000 is a sufficient incentive, but you can ask the students about that.

Catharina Fredriksson does not believe that such a solution would mean that more people choose to move to Oxelösund municipality.

- Since the proposal includes the 60 municipalities that are part of the municipal category remote and very remote sparsely populated municipalities, I believe that it will not be relevant on behalf of Oxelösund.