U.S. President regulates exports to China Flexible considering the interests of U.S. companies February 19, 8:57

U.S. President Trump criticized the proposed restrictions on exports to China, which have been considered due to security concerns, as some of the more restrictive proposals would only hinder U.S. product exports and would be ridiculous. , Said he was willing to respond flexibly to the interests of American companies.

In the U.S., governments and legislators are considering ways to further restrict exports of high-tech products and other products to China due to security concerns, and some media have reported that GE's jet engine He reported that a proposal to ban exports to China was emerging.

President Trump wrote on Twitter on Twitter on Tuesday that "security must not make it hard for foreigners to buy American products. Some regulations are ridiculous."

He added, "I want China to buy our jet engine. It's the best in the world."

Following this, President Trump told reporters: "We will not hinder the growth of US companies. If we abandon exports, China will make it ourselves or other countries." He clarified his attitude to respond flexibly in consideration of the interests of American companies.

With regard to export restrictions on China, the government's opinion on the export of American companies to Huawei, a telecommunications equipment giant in China, has been divided within the administration, highlighting the difficulties in tightening export controls on China.