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The housing office in Stockholm is down


Since late Tuesday night and during Wednesday, the housing site is down. One person testifies that it has entered other people's pages when they have logged in with Bank ID.

When you call the switch, you are met by the answer: "Housing services are down - troubleshooting is ongoing".

The housing site has been down since late Tuesday night. One member testifies that she logged in with her Bank ID and ended up on another person's account. As a panic measure, the page was completely shut down.

When you click into the website you are referred to the Housing Office's Facebook page for more information.

What do you know about what has happened?

- What we do know is that there is a customer in the queue who when she logged in last night on the website ended up on another person's account, what we call "my pages". She contacted us and we closed down as soon as possible. Then we started a troubleshooting, says Marketing Manager Marika Nordström.

No forecast

Do you have any forecast for when the error should be resolved?

- No, we do not have that. The only thing I know is that you investigate and troubleshoot. I hope we have one soon.

Some have been in line at the housing site for many years. But they don't have to worry about their points being affected by the error.

- We work as hard as we can to find the fault. One should not in any way be worried that it will affect one's queue time. It will not be affected in any way. All those who would have responded to the apartment offer receive extended response time. No one will miss a chance at a home because of this.

Source: svt

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