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V and C in debate about the routine deduction: "A tax deduction for well-ordered"


Ineffective contribution to cleaning luxury villas or successful reforms that have given jobs across the country? Hear Ulla Andersson (V) and Anders W Jonsson (C) debate the route deduction.

The rut deduction would make black jobs white and the Treasury would go plus minus zero. But this was not the case despite the promises of the bourgeois government. This shows an audit conducted by the OAG.

Ulla Andersson, economic-political spokesperson for the Left Party, is critical of the route deduction.

- This is a contribution, a tax deduction for well-off people's cleaning of their luxury villas. These are jobs that cost 1.5 to 2 million per job, which is a very ineffective measure.

C: Few reforms self-finance to such an extent

Anders W Jonsson (C) does not think it is a venture that went wrong but that the route deduction is a successful reform.

- I don't understand what Ulla Andersson is upset about. This has meant that you have jobs all over the country. The problem according to the National Audit Office is that it is not financed to one hundred per cent but between 75 and 90 per cent. But there are few reforms we decide on in the Riksdag that have a self-financing rate of up to 75, maybe 90 percent.

See Ulla Andersson (V) and Anders W Jonsson debate in Aktuellt in the clip above.

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