Just for the all Swedish football premiere in April, the idea is that "New Students" should be completely clear.
And the goal and desire of Sirius has been to move his office to his home city.

But it will not. The rent is too high.

- Our idea was when the new Students began to build that we would build Sirius castle down there and the idea was to have both the sports office and the sports business down at the students from the beginning, says Sirius football chairman Ove Sjöblom.

According to Ove Sjöblom, it costs SEK 2,400 per square meter, and now it remains instead at its premises four kilometers from its home arena.

"No idea to discuss"

- As far as office space is concerned, it is commercial and also market-based. It is important. It must be the same rules as other commercial players in the market, otherwise it will be wrong, says Magnus Lohe, at Sportfastigheter, who rents out the offices.

Ove Sjöblom:

- It would be way too expensive. We understood that it is not an idea to discuss since we do not have the money, says Ove Sjöblom.