North Korea's Central Reporting Convention will not be held for the first time South Korean Unification Minister February 18 20:44

South Korea's union minister Kim Yong-chul (Kim Jong Il) is a father of Kim Jong-un, chairman of the Korean Labor Party, and Kim Jong-il (Kim Jong Il) at the Diplomacy Unification Committee of the National Assembly on Tuesday due to the new coronavirus. The central reporting convention, which was held annually on the birthday of the general secretary, was not held for the first time.

According to Radio Press, an analyst of North Korea's press, the Central Reporting Congress has been held every year since 1995 on February 15, the day before Kim's birthday.

In addition, South Korea's Prime Minister Kim stated that the South Korean government's principle position was that cooperation from the North and the South was necessary to respond to the new coronavirus, and, while observing the situation in South Korea and North Korea, and with private organizations. He showed his intention to cooperate and respond.

A further survey of North Korean travelers showed that about 140 people had high fever, but none were negative, so the North asked the World Health Organization to announce the fact. This reveals that North Korea is nervous about responding to the new coronavirus.