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Emmanuel Macron has been in Mulhouse today, a city where a large mosque is built, largely financed by an NGO from Qatar. In Bourtzwiller, a difficult neighborhood of 15,000 inhabitants. One of the 47 neighborhoods of republican reconquest, designated in 2018 as prototypes of the fight against crime and 'traffic' where the barracks has gone from 7 to 22 agents.

An ideal place to define the concept of "Islamist separatism." And to announce the first measures. The president has affirmed that " Islamist separatism is incompatible with freedom and equality , incompatible with the indivisibility of the Republic and the unity of the nation." Knowing that he is on slippery ground, he said that "it is not about stigmatizing any religion. It is not a plan against Islam . That would be a serious offense."

Next, Macron gave examples: "In the Republic you cannot accept that someone refuses to shake hands with a woman because she is a woman; you cannot refuse to be cured or educated by someone; you cannot accept de-schooling; you cannot accept demand virginity certificates to marry; one should never accept that the laws of religion are superior to those of the Republic . As simple as that. "

After the theoretical, which is not yet well shot, the first measures. Macron wants to kill foreign language teachers (Arabic and Turkish) paid by nine foreign countries and import magnets that come from Morocco, Algeria and Turkey.

With the first two countries, it has already reached agreements. In fact he praised their respective heads of state. With Turkey, no. Neither for the clergy nor for the tongue. When, after a 50-minute speech, he was asked if he did not believe that this would make relations with Ankara even worse, he was firm: "Turkey's law will not apply in France . "

A complicated control

The problem of teachers affects about 80,000 students. Some 2,000 study Turkish in the area of ​​Mulhouse, Upper Rhine. "Many [teachers] do not speak French and National Education does not control either program or content." 'C'est fini' ... from the next course.

The control of Islamic preachers is tricky . The French Republic has been failing for more than 25 years, at the time of François Mitterrand. His Minister of the Interior (and of the Cult, which is included in this portfolio traditionally) Jean Pierre Chevenement tried unsuccessfully. His distant successor, Christophe Castaner, who was part of the presidential entourage yesterday, now has the same mission ... impossible.

Macron said that Castaner has already spoken with the National Council of Islam to propose how to form magnets. The French Republic has two difficulties here. Under the 1905 law of separation between the Church and the State, it cannot intervene in the formation or selection of clergy. With the Catholic Church, the other Christian confessions and Judaism, it has no problem . They are hierarchical structures and have always had seminars. Islam has no Pope. Not an episcopal conference in each country. No seminars controlled by the hierarchy.

Hence the "importation of magnets" and the problem with antirepublican or overtly Islamist preaching . Like the ones frequented by the computer official who, after radicalization, passed a knife to four officers at the police headquarters in Paris. From that tragedy, this campaign.

Prayers in the modern mosque of the An-Nour center in Mulhouse, France.

In France there are 2500 places of Muslim worship and an estimated number of about 1800 magnets. So there are about 300 magnets from other countries: 150 from Turkey, 120 from Algeria and about thirty from Morocco, countries of origin of the 4 to 5 million Muslims in France. The exact number is unknown because it is prohibited by law to ask in any administrative act what religion is practiced .

Third aspect evoked yesterday by Macron in a gymnasium in Mulhouse: the financing of the construction of mosques. The president announced a new law to control "where the money comes from, who manages it and what it will be used for . " The President of the Republic wondered why it is necessary that the Mulhouse Mosque, whose prayer enclosure is already open, has a swimming pool and a complex of shops, paralyzed developments.

Criticism of "political Islam" before the elections

For all that, Macron chose a difficult neighborhood in Mulhouse yesterday. First stage of a 'tournée' that will extend beyond the municipal elections of March and that will allow you to fly over them, entering into some of the most conflictive issues: Islam, migration and violence.

That is why the president did a pedagogical exercise to define that he is not against Islam but against his radical drifts . In the morning, in the walk between the police station and the meeting with social, cultural and sports associations, he said: "Islam is going through a crisis with a radicalization of some of its members and very hard movements that want to go to a political Islam. I say it clearly, in our house political Islam has no place. "

The expression comes from the "Appeal of 100 intellectuals against Islamist separatism" published in 'Le Figaro' in March 2018. "Stigmatizing," then dismissed the executive's environment. It pointed to a "new gender apartheid". The right thing then was "communitarianism" but the term was too unthinkable and is now considered expired.

Until in November, in a speech before the mayors of France, Macron said: "In some cities, in some neighborhoods, a project of separation from the Republic has been progressing for a few years . It is a reality. They are the claim on schedules reserved for women in the pools ... are community services that seek to replace the Republic. "

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