• Libya, UN: "worrying situation". Di Maio: "Italy and the EU become protagonists again"
  • Libya, Di Maio in Haftar: "The answer cannot be military"
  • Libya, the UN approves a Gb resolution on lasting ceasefire
  • Libya, al-Sarraj: "Negotiations without meaning without permanent ceasefire"


February 18, 2020 In Rome, the meeting of Foreign and Defense Ministers of the Italian Republic and of the Russian Federation (so-called 2 + 2 Format), attended by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, and the Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergey Shoygu.

Libya: Di Maio, Moscow essential for share dialogue
"The Munich meeting confirmed the commitment of the international community to implement the conclusions of the Berlin conference, the only possible way for the solution of the crisis in Libya is the political one. The role of Moscow will be fundamental to produce a constructive and moderate between the two sides, also in the next stages, starting from the meeting in the 5-5 format in Geneva tomorrow ". Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said this during a conference after the Italy-Russia summit in the Foreign-Defense format.

Libya: Di Maio, EU unanimity on yes to mission not to be taken for granted
The news is that "there is a mission, it was not obvious that 27 EU countries would all agree on a mission against the entry of weapons into Libya". The foreign minister said so.

Libya. Di Maio, EU mission also on land with ok parts
The EU mission to control the arms embargo in Libya will be "air, sea and land if authorized by the parties involved". Di Maio said this at the conference. "The air and sea patrol will take place with military equipment, but the EU posture is not one of war but linked to the affirmation of peace," he added, noting that stopping the arrival of weapons will help dialogue between the parties.

Di Maio in Lavrov, implement the Minsk agreements
For Italy, the solution to the crisis in Ukraine passes through the "centrality of the Minsk agreements and" we have invited the counterpart to reciprocate the openings in Kiev. "The Foreign Minister said in a press conference with his Russian colleague Serghiei Lavrov. A solution to this crisis "would allow to relaunch relations between the EU and Russia, also tackling the issue of sanctions," he added.