The police in Rennes, Saturday February 15, 2020. - Mathieu Pattier / SIPA

  • Kick between the legs, batons on the hand ... The arrest of a man in Rennes, during act 66 of "yellow vests", marked the spirits.
  • The man in question seems to be arrested by the police for no reason, as is outraged by the publication accompanying the most shared version of the video.
  • 20 Minutes traces the course of events with the principal concerned and various witnesses.

Over 60,000 views in just one day. On Facebook, a video filmed in Rennes during act 66 of the "yellow vests", which mobilized around 900 people this Saturday, met with great audience success. And for good reason: she denounces, with supporting images, the violent arrest of a man "alone and who does nothing" during the demonstration.

In two minutes, the sequence shows the police running across a square and then standing at one of its ends. Until two of them come out of the cordon to advance towards a man, at the bottom of the masked face, located a few meters away.

As he pretends to back up, one of the police officers grabs him by the collar and starts beating him with a baton, before his colleagues lend him a hand. Once on the ground, the man is kicked between the legs and then, after placing his hand on the thigh of one of the police officers, several batons are struck on it as the police try to handcuff him.


The scene was well filmed in Rennes, more precisely at the exit of the République metro, Saturday February 15 at 5:06 pm, as the videographer behind the sequence, Leon specifies to us: “The police were positioned in a nearby street , and she received egg jets on her shields. Right afterwards, the police made a charge without trying to arrest anyone in particular and it was there that this man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time was arrested.

"Tricky", another videographer who filmed the same scene from another angle, confirms: "[The man arrested] was doing nothing, he had no sign of rebellion [which would have justified] such an arrest". On his video, we see indeed, from 2'45, the protester approaching the police just after they ended their charge. He briefly puts his hand to his face before staring at them, without moving, until one of the police officers signals him to back off and finally rushes towards him.

An arrest for contempt and voluntary concealment of the face

Contacted by 20 Minutes , the Information and Communication Service of the National Police (Sicop) affirms that the man was "arrested for contempt of any person holding public authority, voluntary concealment of the face without legitimate reason during a demonstration on the public highway, participation in a group formed with a view to committing degradations and violence ", as well as for" rebellion "(after his arrest).

A version disputed by the interested party, Jacky, present at the demonstration from 2 p.m., who explains to us: "I did not insult the police, one of them said to me" back up "and I replied "calm, calm" before he pounced on me and his colleagues followed. Then, I received a blow in the parts, but also a baton blow on the shin, and several on the hand, hand that they wanted to put me in the back when I cannot because I have shoulder problems. One of them said to me "let yourself go or I'm going to blow your hand". "

According to Sicop, the baton blows carried on his hand are not unusual: "As he was trying to hang on to the police officer at the start and seeing that he refused to be handcuffed, one of the police officers kicked the hand, a practice that is allowed in this situation. "

"I didn't throw anything away"

"I did not pronounce the insults with which they accuse me, but I did say, once I was hit on the ground," bunch of assholes, my shoulder hurts ". Afterwards, they told me that they saw me throw eggs and cans on the police, when I have a shoulder problem and that I did not throw anything. I asked them to provide proof that I had thrown anything away. They also criticized me for wearing a balaclava to hide my face when it was just my t-shirt pulled up to the nose to avoid the smell of tear gas, ”continues Jacky.

If Jacky still does not know the number of days of temporary incapacity for work which will be prescribed to him - he must consult a doctor at the end of the day on Monday -, the Sicop indicates for its part that three police officers were injured during the arrest and received an ITT of one day each. The protester does not intend to stop there, however: “I am preparing a file to file a complaint. "


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