“Classes will be held in the premises of the cultural center“ American House in Kiev ”and at related venues,” the document says.

For the implementation of the project, as indicated in the description of the grant, it is planned to allocate $ 250 thousand.

The purpose of the planned activities is to transfer technical skills in the production of media content to citizens who have the knowledge "necessary to counter Russian misinformation narratives."

“It is planned to launch new media platforms, such as podcasts and video blogs, materials for which will be prepared in workshops on the territory of the centers that are part of the American Spaces network affiliated with the embassy,” the text says.

It is noted that public or private non-profit organizations can participate in the project.

Earlier it was reported that the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Relations of the US Department of State plans to allocate more than $ 640 thousand for the development of a "culture of democracy" in Armenia.