Agnes Buzyn is already facing virtual squatting problems. - Rafael Yaghobzadeh / AP / SIPA

The campaign has barely started for Agnes Buzyn when she promises to be already strewn with pitfalls. This Monday, a journalist from Public Sénat noticed that the domain name linked to Anne Hidalgo's page. The url was also bought Sunday at 5:59 p.m., just a few hours after the declaration of candidacy for the municipal elections of Paris by the former Minister of Health.

Did the @Anne_Hidalgo teams anticipate the blow? The domain name refers to the page ... of Anne Hidalgo. #Buzyn #Municipales #Paris

- Fabien Recker (@fabrecker) February 17, 2020

The domain name was purchased shortly after Buzyn's nomination. - Screenshot

When contacted, Anne Hidalgo's team denied being behind this cyber-activism. "I confirm to you that it is not at all us and it is completely independent of our will," we explain to 20 Minutes .

However, the domain name was acquired Sunday evening around 8 p.m. but does not (yet?) Refer to the outgoing mayor's website. Not everything is done for the LREM candidate.


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