At the microphone of Europe 1, Laurent Pietraszewski reacted to the affair that shakes the Benjamin Griveaux campaign: a video of a sexual nature circulating on social networks. For the Secretary of State for Pensions, there is nothing to comment on.


While Benjamin Griveaux, LREM candidate for mayor of Paris, organized a crisis meeting on Friday morning and canceled his media meetings - including Europe 1 - because of a video of a sexual nature circulating on social networks, and who would involve him. Laurent Pietraszewski considers that "we have better things to do than comment on press rumors". "If we want to talk about Paris, let's talk about the cleanliness of the city, let's talk about the way Parisians are received, their ability to live together, that seems to me to be a good subject," he explains.

The secretary of state for pensions therefore refuses to comment on the affair which puts Benjamin Griveaux in turmoil, who, one month before the first round of municipal elections in the capital, is given third in the polls behind Rachida Dati and Anne Hidalgo .

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