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No rest after lunch at Kvarnback School in Krokom


At the Kvarnback School in Krokom Municipality, lunches have been skipped. And the students think this is good. "You don't get that stomach ache," says Magnus Åslund, who goes in class 4.

It is 11 and it is time for class 4 at Kvarnbackskolan to have lunch. First the students are allowed to wash their hands and then they go out into the dining room. Today porridge and sandwich are served. For half an hour they sit and eat before picking up and returning to the lesson room.

- We have no lunch break, says Magnus Åslund.


- Then you do not need to stress and throw away the food, says Magnus Åslund.

He thinks it works well. And so does everyone else I talk to.

- Yes, it works, says Vanna Mårtensson, who also goes in class 4.

- It gets better because it doesn't get as messy in the classrooms later. It will be calmer, says her classmate Minea Berggren.

Breaks at other times instead

It was a few years ago that the Kvarnback School decided to skip the lunch break. The main purpose was mainly to create a calmer food situation. Nowadays, teachers always sit with and eat with students, which teacher Agneta Kardin thinks is good.

- Then you can talk about another plus that some students need support, she says.

Instead of lunch breaks, the students then have common breaks in the morning and afternoon. It also facilitates the teachers' planning.

- We are also rest hosts and with this system we get a working day with both lessons, lunch and breaks, says Agneta Kardin and continues:

- I think it works great.

Do you think other schools should adopt this approach?

"Yes, you can always try," she says.

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