Pshilebsky also indicated in the article that supposedly not the USSR, but the Western allies "made a decisive contribution to ending the war."

The diplomatic mission said that with the approach of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, Polish historical revisionism is rapidly gaining momentum.

“Anyone who turns to specific facts and documentary evidence can be sure that it was our country that made a decisive contribution to rid Europe and the whole world of Nazism by paying an incredibly terrible price for it - 27 million lives of Soviet citizens,” statement.

The embassy emphasized that in the battles for the preservation of Polish statehood alone, more than 600 thousand Red Army soldiers were killed.

Russian diplomats added that the oblivion of this historical fact in attempts to turn the Soviet Union from a liberating country into a culprit in a war for the sake of short-term opportunistic goals is "simply immoral." The embassy also condemned the ongoing destruction of monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators.

The report indicates that Russia remembers the Polish soldiers and resistance fighters who fought shoulder to shoulder with the Soviet military for the liberation of Europe from Hitlerism.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Poland had launched a massive disinformation campaign against Russia on the theme of World War II.