Bordeaux, central police station - Photo: Sebastien Ortola - S. ORTOLA / 20 MINUTES

On the sidelines of the demonstration of "yellow vests" on Saturday, a young man was hit during his arrest by the police at Saint-Jean train station in Bordeaux. The images of her arrest shocked internet users even if the departmental director of public security described it as "regulatory". He allegedly tried to blend in with the crowd of travelers so as not to be arrested by the police. They had identified him, thanks to aerial images, as the author of projectile jets in their direction.

Violent interpellation of the BAC # Bordeaux #VestsJaunes # Acte65 #ViolencesPolicieres

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This Tuesday, master Gabriel Lassort, issued a press release in which he explains that his client, whom he confirms at 20 minutes that it is indeed the protester arrested, left custody after thirty hours and that " he was not charged with any offense and no charges were brought against him ”. Shocked by "the illegitimate violence of which he was the victim during his arrest", he resorted to "medical care".


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In the coming days, he will file a complaint for "violence aggravated by the depositary of public authority and repeated death threats. "


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