A video surveillance camera. (Illustration) - FRED SCHEIBER

Two men attacked a pole on which was fixed a police video surveillance camera ... with a grinder, reports France Bleu Côte-d'Or . While the police were using this live camera from the surveillance center, the two men were cutting the post.

The events occurred on Saturday evening around 8 p.m. in Dijon, in the Grésilles district. One of the two individuals, his masked face, was arrested in the act by the men of the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC). He is 21 years old. The second individual could be identified by the camera. Aged 15, he was finally arrested the next day.

They are both known to the police, including one for drug offenses, specify our colleagues. They were brought before the prosecution and placed under judicial supervision. The loss amounts to 4,000 euros.


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