The Council of State must deliver an opinion on the new government regulations fixing between 5 and 10 meters the minimum distance for applying pesticides according to the crops. The Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume reacts on Europe 1.


The war on pesticides continues. The Council of State, seized by a council of mayor anti-pesticides must give its opinion Monday on the new government regulations, fixing the minimum spreading distances at five and ten meters from the houses, according to the cultures. A measure that had caused uproar among farmers but also strong opposition among environmentalists. The sale of phytosanitary products increased by 24% in one year. Yet France aims to limit the use of pesticides by 50% by 2025.

Didier Guillaume, Minister of Agriculture, reacts to the microphone of Europe 1. If the sales figures are increasing, he recalls that the sale of the most dangerous carcinogens and mutagens "is down 15%". "And we have removed 38 substances," added the minister.

He also details the figures behind this increase of 24% "It is a failure since the trajectory is to lower usage", concedes the Minister of Agriculture. "On the form, when the royalty for diffuse production increases, as in 2014, many people make stocks."

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