"Economic transactions revive to curb nuclear development," Iran says EU ban on February 11, 6:36

Iranian Secretary-General of Saleh, in an interview with the NHK in an interview with NHK, said that the EU-European Union had agreed to strengthen economic activity with Iran in noting to comply with the restrictions of the nuclear agreement and to make economic transactions with Iran. He said that if he revived, he was prepared to curb nuclear development, and he refused.

Iranian Secretary of Sale Nuclear Energy Affairs visiting Vienna addresses the International Nuclear Security Conference on Wednesday, addressing a unilateral withdrawal of the nuclear agreement and strengthening economic sanctions on Iran. I blamed it again.

He said, "Japan's nuclear facilities have been attacked by computer viruses in the past and the threats from the United States and Israel are increasing." He accused the United States and others of being behind the attacks.

Following this, Secretary-General Salehi could raise the uranium enrichment to 20%, which the U.S. and others are wary of in response to an NHK interview that Iran is not complying with the restrictions of the nuclear agreement and strengthening its countermeasures. "It's technically possible. Nuclear development is going very well."

He added, "We have strengthened nuclear development step by step five times so far, but if the EU and others fulfill their commitments under the nuclear agreement, we can return to the previous state." He rejected the EU, stating that he would be prepared to curb nuclear development in accordance with the nuclear agreement if the deal was revived.