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Animals with super intelligence and high remembering abilities


Some animals have a large amount of intelligence and the ability to learn and respond to signs or words or mention the solutions that guide them, which led some scientists and researchers to talk about the extent of their intelligence reached the degree of competition with humans.

Reader's Digest, in a report published by 12 animals with remarkable intelligence and intellectual abilities, reviewed:

Crows know physics
Crows not only recognize faces to distinguish between predatory and harmless species, but also understand the principles of physics, and are known to change entire immigration patterns to avoid farms where crows have been killed in the past, and save garbage collection methods in cities so they can find food waste.

Crows keep garbage roads in cities (Reuters)

Pigs use mirrors
The report stated that pigs understand emotions, empathize, solve mazes, learn simple symbolic languages, and may be close friends just like dogs.

Pigs as young as six weeks old learned the concept of mirror reflection in an experiment that was conducted to determine the path that leads to a hidden bowl of food using these tools, within a few hours in which human children need several months to understand it.

Octopus mastered the art of escape
Octopus has long demonstrated talents for opening pots of lids, inserting its huge body through small holes and climbing deep aquariums to escape.

The German “octopus” octopus was known to throw stones on glass, and sprinkled water on headlights to disrupt bright lights on more than one occasion.

Squirrels remember the places of nuts buried on the ground (Reuters)

A Princeton University study showed that gray squirrels are able to remember the places where thousands of nuts are buried, and that they use tricks to trick those who take possession of the nut.

Dolphins cheat
Dolphins are often referred to as the second smartest animal on earth due to their higher brain size compared to their body, and their ability to show feelings and their impressive imitation of stupid monkeys.

Results from the Mississippi Marine Mammals Studies Institute indicate that dolphins may also represent the second most deceptive animal on Earth.

Dancing the way the bees express their positions (Bixaby)

Bee dancing
The bees developed the "swarm intelligence" technique, and fifty thousand working bees gathered in one colony to make "democratic" decisions. When the hive is crowded in the spring, the boy scouts are deployed to search for a new home. If none of the scouts agree to the new place, they discuss the issue by dancing.

Each scout performs a "vibrating dance" in front of other scouts' bees in an attempt to persuade them of the advantage of the site. If the dance is exciting, then this means that the scouts have found the right place, then the rest of the bees hover to the place you prefer and join the dance.

Elephants remember well
Elephants have an amazing memory and unforgettable friends, and in 1999 an elephant named Shirley arrived in Tennessee Reserve in Tennessee and immediately met elephants called Jenny and made a fun show, and Jenny has remembered Shirley since they performed together in the circus 22 years ago.

Elephants have great ability to remember situations (Bixaby)

Chicken distinguishes between shapes
Chicken can distinguish between some shapes and colors, according to the author of Melissa Koji's book "How Chicken Speaks and a Child's Guide to Keeping Chicken". Chicken can distinguish between circle, square, triangle and rectangle, regardless of how the shapes are arranged.

Parrot solves puzzles
Parrots can solve logical thinking puzzles, along with the ability to simulate humans. According to the "Life Science" website, the intelligence of these parrots is close to that of a three-year-old, and she can find the location of the food reward without any hints or hints, and this ability is tremendous and unprecedented.

Christian Schlogel, a researcher at the University of Vienna, said that the African gray parrot has the ability to understand some of the causal relationship between things, and he is adept at employing this ability.

Chimpanzees learn words
The intelligence of chimpanzees is largely dependent on their genes, and according to National Geographic, "chimpanzees can learn words and play with things, and they seem to grieve the death of their friends."

Chimpanzees have their own way of making life a little easier, says health and wellness expert Caleb Pak. "It is known that chimpanzees make and use tools for simple tasks such as opening fruits and nuts."

Chimpanzees are able to use machines and eat nuts (Reuters)

Dogs have emotions
Dogs have emotions, can recognize their owner and feel the feelings of others, and according to the "Life Science" dogs have an IQ equal to the IQ of a human child at the age of two.

According to the report in the "Life Science" report, this discovery is based on a language development test that revealed that ordinary dogs are able to learn 165 words (such as a two-year-old child) including signs and gestures.

Source: aljazeera

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