This time, the last week of the general election poll we conducted last week, today (6th), we asked the five district voters if they were willing to vote in proportional parties, and two out of three South Korean supporters said they would vote.

Reporter Kim Soo-young delivers.


Voters in Seoul Jongno, Busan Bukgangseobap, Daegu-dong, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, and Mokpo, Jeonnam, were asked if they would be willing to vote if the party they supported created a proportional party.

60.4% of respondents to Daegu-dong, 55.2% of Anyang-eup and Gyeonggi-do, and 53.8% of Busan North Gangseop said they would shoot the party.

However, there were two responses to Jongno in Seoul and Mokpo, Jeonnam: 'Yes' and 'No'.

At the time of the investigation, when the founding of the Korean Party's proportional party was established, only the Korean party supporters were considered.

As many as 75.7% and 64.3% of respondents in each of the five regions say they are willing to vote for the Proportional Party.

What about the fictional confrontation in Mokpo, Jeonnam, where Park Ji-won, the proportional representative of the Justice Party and the prospective candidates of the Democratic Party, challenged Park Ji-won, a local activist, and challenged them? Former Democratic Party Woo Ki-jong, former Jeonnam Governor, Alternative Party Park Ji-won, and Justice Yoon So-ha's virtual confrontation were 26.8% vs. 31.0% vs. 25.8%.

Democratic Kim Won-won, former Seoul Deputy Mayor, Park Ji-won and Yoon So-ha, showed 24.8% vs. 31.6% vs. 27.2%.

Both fictitious confrontations are within range.

If the Democratic Party candidate is Bae Jong-ho, former KBS reporter, Bae Jong-ho reported 19.8%, Park Ji-won 31.2%, and Yoon So-ha 30.3%.

SBS commissioned a polling agency, Ipsos, to survey 500 to 510 voters in five districts, including Jongno, Seoul, from 28 to 30 last month. ± 4.3% P to 4.4% P

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