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The infection reception counts for the Coronavirus in Uppsala


The corona virus is supposed to come to Uppsala, says the infection reception at the Akademiska sjuhkuset. On the other hand, one does not believe in any major spread with many sick and deaths as a result.

Most people have been tested for the Corona virus at the Academic Hospital. So far, however, it has not been found that anyone in the county carried the virus.

"I think the virus will come to Uppsala sometime," says Fredrik Sund, head of infection control at the Academic Hospital.

So far, a person, in Jönköping, has been shown to carry the Coronavirus. Due to the rigorous infection prevention routines at Swedish hospitals, Fredrik Sund believes that there is a great risk that health care in the country will be affected by a possible future spread.

- There will not be much demand for problems in certain places, he says.

Learn more about how Akademiska is preparing for the Corona virus in the clip above. Below is a video with a brief summary of the outbreak.

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This is how the virus spreads, the symptoms and how to protect themselves Photo: Reuters / SVT

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