Paris (AFP)

The construction subsidiary of the giant Bouygues is still affected by the ransomware cyber attack launched on Thursday, she announced Wednesday, referring to a "gradual" restart of her IT and confirming that she had filed a complaint.

"Following the viral attack on Bouygues Construction's computer network on January 30, specific measures have been taken to ensure the continuation of all our activities in France and abroad," said Bouygues Construction in a press release.

"The Bouygues Construction IT teams, accompanied by experts external and internal to the Bouygues group, are continuing to restore the information system and are gradually putting the functionalities back into service," she continued.

The group recalled that the group's work sites continued to operate and ensured that all data leaving the company was subject to reinforced security.

Bouygues Construction was hit on January 30 by this cyber attack and clarified that it was ransomware blackmail. A judicial investigation was opened by the Paris public prosecutor's office for, among other things, "organized gang extortion" and "access and maintenance in an automated data processing system".

The Bouygues subsidiary "has filed a complaint and is working with the competent authorities to identify the origin of this criminal action and protect the interests of its customers and partners," she confirmed on Wednesday.

According to an IT expert interviewed last week by AFP and claiming to have contacted the perpetrators of the attacks, the pirates are claiming ten million dollars from Bouygues, which has not confirmed this information.

"The ad hoc insurance policies have been activated," Bouygues Construction announced on Wednesday.

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