The 15-year-old says in police interviews that by turning the ignition key a few extra times, the car's speed controller can be changed so that the car drives faster.

- It can have dire consequences for young people if they get stuck for speeding. The driver's license can be smoked, says police instructor Stefan Palm.

"There are some tricks"

Arvika seems to be a mecca when it comes to driving an A-tractor. There are benefits to freedom, but it can also mean temptation.

- If you want to drive faster than 30 kilometers then there are some tricks. They know all the young people. But I'm probably too cowardly to test, says Lukas Larsson when SVT Nyheter Värmland meets him at Taserudsgymnasiet in Arvika.

Did you know that as a parent you can get rid of the driver's license if your child is driving too fast? See more in the clip!