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Ségolène Royal estimated Sunday that her possible candidacy for the presidential election of 2022 would loosen "the noose", presented as "inescapable", between "the globalized elite who decides for everyone" and "the far right".

At the mention of a hypothetical second round between her and the president of RN Marine Le Pen, Mrs. Royal replied on France 3 that "of course" she was considering it, because "it will mean (it) that at least we have loosened the noose presented to us as essential between ultraliberalism, international finance, the globalized elite which decides for everyone and the extreme right ".

"It is not possible to leave the French like that," she added.

While it was pointed out to him that the RN uses the same expression of "global elite", the former PS presidential candidate of 2007 answered that "perhaps there are observations which are inescapable" and that " even the global elite says it in Davos. "

Asked about the ability of Yannick Jadot (EELV) to embody this third way between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, Ms. Royal argued that "no one owns the environment" and that "at the time of an election , it will be necessary to compare the capacity for action, for understanding, for the balance of power ".

"Ecological discourses, there are many who hold them but once they are responsible, there are not many who are able to establish things, to set requirements and to resist lobbies" , she insisted.

She would build this third way with "all who will come".

"Ségolène Royal has made an impression, she has been a woman of intuition on many occasions", recognized the First Secretary of the PS Olivier Faure on France inter / Franceinfo / Le Monde, referring to ecology, the Nation, the right order.

But for 2022, "there are a lot of potential candidates," he argued. "Let people warm up on the sidelines, all right. But at some point everyone will have to be disciplined enough to accept the idea that when the time comes for the match, only one or only one will come on. field, "he warned.

For him, this person will be the one who "knows how to put this block together", "the ecologists, the socialists, the communists".

Very critical of the executive, Ségolène Royal has just been dismissed from her duties as ambassador of the poles she held since 2017 on the appointment of Emmanuel Macron.

She is also the subject of a preliminary inquiry into the use made of the means made available to her as ambassador of the clusters.

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