Paris (AFP)

Creation of a hundred "mini urban forests", "dozens of plant streets" and planting of 170,000 trees: Anne Hidalgo details her proposals to introduce more nature into Paris, in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche.

The mayor PS of Paris, candidate for her re-election, will present Thursday her program for the municipal elections in March of which "the base will be ecology", she said.

It offers "massive vegetation" which will go "through the creation of dozens of plant and 100% pedestrian streets, in all the districts". "Grassed", they "will form a great Parisian green route".

Ms. Hidalgo also plans "urban forests" behind the Opera, on the forecourt of the Town Hall, in front of the Gare de Lyon and again at the foot of the Montparnasse tower. And "a hundred mini urban forests - thirty trees and lawns - on small plots of 200 square meters in each district, as is done in Tokyo".

If she is re-elected, the mayor of Paris wants to plant "around 170,000" trees in six years, "wherever possible". And "each time a Parisian child is born, we will organize the planting of a young tree by the parents, with sponsorship".

Also on its program: "Debitulating and revegetating a good half of the eight hectares of the quays of the Seine", new parks, "two very large urban vegetable gardens", in the Bois de Vincennes and in the Bois de Boulogne ...

Asked about a possible rapprochement with Cédric Villani, excluded from LREM, Anne Hidalgo does not close the door: "my role as mayor of Paris, given the gravity of the situation, is to bring together as widely as possible those who consider that the 'ecology is a primordial subject ".

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